Review: ‘Dangerous Women’, George R.R. Martin

Dangerous WomenDangerous Women by George R.R. Martin
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I have to say, rating a collection is tough as it can obviously be very variable in quality. I found this here — a few of the stories were breathtaking in their intensity and beauty while others (the majority, regrettably) not nearly as interesting. For personal reasons, I found the stories which touched on the historic aspect a bit more thrilling but in general the variety was commendable.

What I didn’t really agree on was how the characterisation for these stories was made. Sure, most of them included a “dangerous” woman but this definition aimed far and wide from the (hopeful) mark of having made (that) woman the subject of the story. All too often, they still played a minor part and it felt that the author’s name was what determined the inclusion of the story, instead of the suitability of the story.

If I was to recommend certain stories from this bunch, it would be (in no particular order) “The Princess and the Queen”, “Neighbors”, and “My Heart is Either Broken” which stand out best in my mind. Plenty of others, including the stories by Joe Abercrombie and Diana Gabaldon really didn’t stand out.

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