‘The White Road’, T. Hershman

Tania Hershman is a very interesting writer. Now, I can tell this by having read just one of her short stories. The one I’ve read is called ‘The White Road’, and it can be found online here. I would suggest to read it first, and only then to look to my thoughts — I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I think that there is a certain thought to the story which comes across better if my words are not in the way to begin with.

I’ll also add that the first time I read the story must have been years ago. A chance event took me to the link again, and here I am commenting on it now.

Assuming you’ve read it if you want to by this point, here I go: I can imagine that whiteness. When I read those lines, I can see it happening in the most real way possible. My mind can picture the entire whiteness of the continent, and it can also picture the golden hues of the sun. The summer sun or the winter night: it is there, and I wonder whether the gold or the white is prevalent.

I think that the author deserves a fair bit of credit for coming up with a story like this — it is not common for me to be as moved as I am by ‘The White Road’. I think that this effect is brought about by the conjoint efforts of the setting and the emotions of the woman in the story. There is a primal feeling hidden in these words, and it is just so raw and pure it encapsulates me thoroughly.

I have long wanted to read other stories by Ms Hershman to see if this effect is also present in those. Unfortunately thus far, I have not had the chance. I think that reading ‘The White Road’ again has made me want to delve deeper into that thought though. When I do, I’ll let you know what I find.

And my mind can still imagine the whiteness…

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