‘Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome’

Is out since yesterday (being annoying about days like that), and I just took a look at the second 11-minute installment. What I saw was really good, and can be seen (legally) online on the Youtube channel of Machinima.

The story, as much as I can see, is about a cocky young William Adama out on his first mission after the Academy, and there’s naturally trouble all round. While it isn’t quite certain where we’re heading with the first episode, there’s been lots of death twenty minutes into it, and I really think the Colonials need to build more ships, and increase ammunition production.

Otherwise, I’m waiting for the next installment.

Although I will also add that there was a really beautiful scene in the beginning of the first installment where we saw three or four battlestars orbiting a planet with their fighter groups. [Then again, maybe they weren’t battlestars since that heavy cruiser we see in #2 looked rather huge as well so it is difficult for me to estimate, but I hope they were battlestars… — because even three is far more than we’d seen ever before. =) ]




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