Review: Allegiance (Star Wars), Timothy Zahn

Rating: 4 out of 5

Mr Zahn’s entries into the now-Legends universe were always welcome; perhaps the main reason for this was that his characters were more varied, or, of course, it could have simply been that the action was enjoyable enough. What this book concerns itself, however, is naivete and morality. I would say this dialogue takes place on both sides, those of the Rebellion and the Empire, but that is not really so. Unlike some other authors who have written in this universe and time, Mr Zahn’s Rebellion is pretty clean (this time round). 

But the novelty here is that the Empire also sees a number of honest and honourable characters present itself. The least of these is a minor General who appears twice in the book, but (not a considerable spoiler here, but one nevertheless) who gains his life by his honesty and virtue. And, the others are the lead characters — five Stormtroopers and Mara — who try to find their place under the multitude of stars in the world.

From my point of view, it was incredibly refreshing to read some characters who believed in something. Principles don’t come cheap — and their toll is levied on one’s soul.

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