Review: Ivory Trees, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rating: 5 out of 5

I really enjoyed this instalment of the Diving series. Some of the other offshoots have been hit-or-miss for me, but this one was both interesting and enjoyable. Funnily enough, the first character started to become annoying exactly by the time the author introduced the second main POV – who I liked much more.

The timing of this book is in question until the very end where the presence of several characters makes it clear when exactly this could have happened. This is a weird way of determining the timeline, and I wish it wasn’t necessary. I don’t see anything in the book that could have acted as a spoiler, so it’s a bit confusing why this one has the place it does in the reading order.

The return of Amnthra to the fold of the stories makes me wonder if the entire planet is going to become more involved again. It would be a nice way to do it, but there’s no proof of that yet.

There’s plenty of action here which sets a decent pace. The characters—though new —are generally enjoyable and make for an interesting read. Some of them enter the frame of the story for only a few moments, but even so I appreciate Ms Rusch adding them as POV characters—otherwise they would not have been noticed at all

Overall, very positive feelings for me!

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