Review: The Runabout, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rating: 2 out of 5

Thus far, this has been my least favourite instalment of the Diving Universe. The entire story related to the diving of the runabout, with human error playing a big role in every decision made. But, why I didn’t like it was mostly because the runabout really wasn’t that interesting to me.

Taking into account I’ve also finished the one after this—which fortunately does not affect writing this review as although the two are related, it’s a rather distant relationship—then this runabout saga has been much longer than I would have hoped. One of the interesting things in ‘The Runabout’ was the way the runabout disappeared, although fortunately not before the Lost Souls Corporation was able to retrieve some important information from it. I suspect this information will be the key in some of the next books that focus on Boss and her timeline, but I don’t know that for certain yet.

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