Review: Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card

Rating: 5 out of 5

The question of children — and what they see in their worlds — is an important one, and I believe one which merits plenty of discussion. Mr Card has given us his view in this book, and this states that children do understand a lot more than the generic adult gives them credit for. And by “understand” I also include the way that their world view is structured in this novel. 

This seems to be the main problem that a lot of people have with this book, and it was actually quite fun to read a letter to the writer where an angry parent stated that this was impossible while the parent’s child had enjoyed this book to the uttermost. This incredulity is wonderful, and I absolutely enjoy the anger people express towards this book on this topic as it seems to have forced these people to confront some rather uncomfortable thoughts. Perhaps, indeed, the young might have some ideas of worth, and perhaps they can understand hidden gestures, silent whispers, and whatever else?..

The subject matter — an unending war between humans and an alien species — allows for a number of questions to be raised regarding what motivates us and why it does so. While I would not like to think that the answers the author has written into this book are the singular option, I think Mr Card has definitely figured out a number of these. As such, the book provides a good background for a number of philosophical discussions — and I would easily recommend this.

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