Review: Diving into the Wreck, Kristine Kathryn Rush

Rating: 5 out of 5

I’d read a Diving novel that is placed quite far down the line below, so I thought I knew what to expect. It turns out, of course, I didn’t, and Ms Rusch surprised me with a very good title!

The joy? Space! And though there’s some fast-packed action here, it’s actually a lot about pensive action, planning, and getting ready for a dive. What’s a dive? What does the title even mean? Well, it’s related to a group of people who go out to “dive” space wrecks. This concept was already very interesting, but then we come to the crux of the title which is comprised of the roughly equal parts: first a vessel that’s so old no one thinks it should exist, then a space station that’s incredibly old and which should not exist, and lastly who should be allowed access to these places.

I was probably most captivated by the first part which introduced me into the series, but really the entire title worked very well. I continued on to Diving 2.

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