Review: Squishy’s Teams, Kristine Kathryn Rush

Rating: 3 out of 5

This felt like one of the weakest Diving series books to be, especially because of where it was placed—the events are so distant from what was last interesting in the chronological order. Unless the outcome of some of the saboteurs becomes suddenly important, this would have made a lot more sense as the book immediately after Squishy’s point of view of her work to destroy the “stealth tech” research, but here it felt detached from the rest of those activities.

I do applaud the author’s way of writing in a relatively large number of minor characters who still felt like people. Oh, I won’t remember their names, but when reading each point of view character’s story, it at least genuinely felt they were different people out to accomplish their own (similar) mission.

I’m much keener for the next instalment that will actually develop the story where it was left off with the Scrapheap and the Fleet.

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