Review: Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East, William E Gladstone

Bulgarian Horrors and the Question of the EastBulgarian Horrors and the Question of the East by William Ewart Gladstone
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This is a wonderful insight into how Parliamentary life in the 19th century overflowed the Houses as it so often does now, with the exception that in the bygone day there was a clear duel between two giants. This pamphlet is a literary extension of the same, calling the Government into question in every aspect that concerns the then-relevant Bulgarian topic from the summer of 1876.

Mr Gladstone proves himself an evocative writer who must have been a pleasure to listen to. The arguments are strong and he wields them with clarity, and is not above self-reproach where that is necessary.

The one obvious conclusion from this, however, is a display of how far political discussion has fallen for topical questions are definitely not considered in even remotely as much detail as they were by Mr Gladstone in this opportune publication. He also expected the Government, even the Government of his opponent, to act justly and with consideration and such steps are also, as it would seem, well past the aspirations of modern political leaders.

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