Review: ‘The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates’, John Milton

The Tenure of Kings and MagistratesThe Tenure of Kings and Magistrates by John Milton
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This is a monumental work for what it represents. Indeed, there is no question that the premise it sets forth is a lot more important than the specific words used here.

However, that’s where my problems with this work come forth: the philosophy behind the arguments used follows the precept that the victor must be right. Indeed, Mr Milton himself claims that the very same arguments that he uses throughout can be used to convince anyone of the opposite to his work, and his only dismissal of that is that this would be a stupid thing to do. Regrettably, that’s an approach that is fraught with danger as anyone can re-write the truth as it fits the present day (which can obviously happen).

Hence, my overall assessment of this work is lessened as it is not a resounding moral thesis but a justification of the cruelties of man.

As this event has been put into song: “Let him curse my name, but remember the truth!”

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