Dilham Hall

I will start by saying I did not even try and approach Dilham because it is a private property. The original fortfified structure was added to, with the resultant edifice being the hall that’s extant today. What I did do was take a look around the general area, and think about the people who started with the constructions here — the 15th century is what background info suggests for the fortifications and the manor/hall-building.

View towards the hall

The hall is in this small forested area, but the intrepid explorer can’t see anything of use. My phone hasn’t helped our explorations as it made the picture a lot darker than what it was. What one can surmise, however, is that we are not talking of a particularly defensible location nor is there anything much else about it to distinguish it from the rest of Norfolk landscape.

All we have here is what our imagination can conjure, and even so it is quite difficult for us to think of an entire hall if we cannot see it — and if everything else about it is so Norfolk as well.

To conclude, I drove past already; I suggest you don’t.

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