Elsing Hall

Elsing is a tough one to write and think about, mostly because this place is privately-owned and still lived in. I went to take a quick look at the surrounding area and to see what’s visible of the main structures from the road and it really isn’t much. I have also decided to illustrate the surrounding landscape more than the building itself with the image here to preserve that place for it’s owners.

Nonetheless, I’ll say that there was a spectacular moat which was fed by a stream that came in from the woodland just to the right of the picture below while this is in general a good indication of much of the landscape around the hall.

Looking out from the Elsing grounds

Typical Norfolk one might say and not be too wrong. Part of the question there is how much this has changed over the years, but I would think not too much, and the present day where the owner drives a car into the grounds by the hall look much the same as when the motion would have been provided by a horse.

I think I will have to leave this place at that; I did not get any other great feelings there though this place looked good — what I would mention is that the original structure is from the 1460’s and ’70’s so not very out of touch with the constructions at Baconsthorpe (at least the manorial extensions there). The original structure itself has been altered afterwards in the 18th century and the medieval constructions are not expected to be very extensive either any more, making understanding of the landscape even more relevant to understanding the people of the 15th century.

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