Review: The Consuming Fire, John Scalzi

Rating: 5 out of 5

I enjoyed this! The action continues with Grayland more certain than previously that the end for the Interdependency is nigh. Kiva has a more central role in this book—all for the better for how enjoyably she is written. Marce also gets a more important role, though I didn’t enjoy his scenes as much as those relating to the other main characters—until we meet Chenevert, that is, and the entire arc becomes a whole lot more interesting.

Mr Scalzi’s way for showing the human interaction and ignoring the rest was perfectly illustrated where a very promising space battle—where other author’s would have spent a fair few paragraphs—is entirely overstepped as the main POV character is not in direct line of sight. These decisions, put together with the author’s cheeky tone, create a unique but very pleasant reading experience.

The story evolves here beyond our understanding from the previous volume where the only thing we knew was the the Flow is collapsing. Grayland’s first challenges as Emperox were already surpassed, but clearly there are many more, and these form the main part of her and Kiva’s story.

Again a strong recommend from me!

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