Review: Thrawn: Alliances, Timothy Zahn

Rating: 4 out of 5

I think as with a number of other books, my impressions a few weeks after reading are vastly different to the immediate thoughts. I’m less inclined now, for example, to think that this was such a great work — it was undoubtedly good, but not overpoweringly so.

What I liked was how both Thrawn and Vader were written into characters. What I didn’t like is actually the tremendous need, as it felt like to me, of every character in this work to trap others at every instance.

While I will continue to follow this series and see what conclusion it leads to, I think the older Thrawn series — though less introspective — were more easy to follow and fun to enjoy. For absolutely no reason (plot-wise), this here leans on a “new” Clone Wars mission where Padme obviously fell into a trap and was in trouble (though not as much trouble as Anakin thought).

This incessant need to link all different (popular) epochs together into a continuous story would not be necessary if the supervising editors actually thought that these works could stand on their own merit — they could, and they would probably make for a better story!

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