Review: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, Lori Gottlieb

Rating: 5 out of 5

I had no real previous experience with psychotherapy up until this book. There was plenty that was very interesting here — I thought the author interwove the theory and the science into the stories very well — starting from the way the author described her sessions and the logic behind various attachments in the therapist’s office. However, the book wasn’t only a good description but also good fuel for thought!

Ms Gottlieb’s capacity to think along with her patients increased visibly as time passed — whether that was representative of her longer tenure or better understanding of her patients is indeterminable — and through this the reader was brought closer to the five people in very varied circumstances who made up the other storylines to support the author’s autobiographical narrative.

What I didn’t realise until looking into it a bit deeper is that in many cases these other storylines were woven together from a number of other people. This was done in a superb way! Knowing this, I am quite surprised by the flow that the stories had and the natural conclusions that all characters reached in their time.

This is a book about emotions, and the author is fairly open with hers. The tips she provides should also help the reader to acknowledge — if only to themselves — what else can be noted from this title. No doubt there is something that can apply to everyone!

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