Brougham Castle

Brougham is one I was only able to see from afar; the place is closed during the week over winter, and that’s a shame. The mighty keep stands as a silent sentinel above the Eamont, much like some of the other nearby ones (e.g.Bowes and Brough).

Brougham and the Eamont

This castle being closed also meant closer access was impossible; the local farmers were not obviously about to ask about whether it was fine to walk across their fields to circumvent this place. Hence, I need to return, because at least from a distance, this place looks very nice indeed.

The one thing a geological mind can also appreciate is how the Eamont’s waters haven’t edged much closer to the castle walls in the intervening centuries as it would not be unexpected at all for erosion to start eating away at this place. And, yet, it hasn’t. Maybe the builders appeased the river-spirits once upon a time?..

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