Raveningham Hall (Old)

Raveningham’s an interesting one: other than the moat, nothing remains insofar as I could see. Indeed, a modern complex is situated in the middle of the moated area though no one was home when I visited — I imagine it is not every day the occupants get asked how they like living in the middle of a moat.

To the right of the moat-crossing

A minor detail to note is that I am speaking of the place where the old hall structure used to be located, and not of the new Raveningham Hall which is probably better known.

There’s not very much to see, but there are some interesting puzzles to think about. Especially looking around, the moat is considerably higher than some of the surrounding landscape suggesting that layers of soil have accumulated in the centre of the moat where people have lived and that the “island” has grown on top of the exploits of the previous generations.

Indeed, though, as there was not much else to explore, the moat was the main experience and is also why I would have been particularly keen to talk to the people who lived there. Alas, it was not to be… One can only ponder, in this case, what they themselves would think in this situation.

Ah, the moat…

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