Hautbois Castle

One of these places where some masonry might remain, but the strictly private nature of the grounds it is located on doesn’t quite allow for easy exploration. I did not knock on the door of these people, as indeed I first accidentally walked around the entire area and only then noticed where this place was. Yet, I am not sure that going into the private grounds could have added much.

What was quite enjoyable here was a walk along the Bure whose gentle stream must have looked quite similar when sir Robert Bainard commenced the constructions in 1312. Both up- and downstream the landscape looks much the same though it would have been potentially considerably more forested in the 14th century.

The Bure to the upstream; Hautbois Castle would have been directly to the right in this picture, and a moat can still be traced in the landscape

So, despite this site being very minimal in the living history one can see, I think the ability to grasp what the people at Hautbois must have thought is still very much there. And, of course, none of us should ever be too busy to gaze upon gentle rivers…

The Bure to the downstream of where Hautbois Castle used to stand

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