Claxton Castle

Don’t visit this place. It’s not worth it. I mean, it could be… but it isn’t.

I tried to go and take a look in December of last month during the day (it was still light) and during reasonable hours, and… — firstly, let me say that most (read: absolutely all) of this site is on private property these days, but it is a farm and there’s a road from that leads onto the main farm building which is in what (I interpreted to be) the new Claxton Manor.

What the public is allowed to see (barely)

So, I took a few steps around the place once I arrived, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes until the occupants of the farm came to talk to me. Quite instructively, one of the things they said was that “If you go that way, you will get shot.” Interpret that as you will… That way was not even onto their farm grounds, but along the front of the Manor/Castle building.

Hence, these photos represent more or less all that could be investigated by a(n) (intrepid) member of the public. For what it is, I wouldn’t say that the visit will give anyone much of an experience.

And, for what it is worth, if I owned a part of a castle, I would be happy for people to visit and to share the living history. It is a pity not everyone has a similar mindset.

An approach to the site I would not recommend anyone else takes…

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