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“Time again for the waltz of smiles. Amazing how you sometimes make resolutions, tell yourself everything will be a certain way from now on, and then all it takes is a tiny movement of the lips to shatter your confidence in a certainty that seemed eternal.”

I quite the like the one book by M Foenkinos I’ve read, and when I got round to viewing some quotes on Goodreads today I saw that I had ‘liked’ a number of quotes by the same person. This one here was amongst that group, and I had to hold back a smile when I saw these lines. Why hold the smile back?

I was not certain at this moment whether this was a good reflection on people or a bad one: by this I mean that I was unsure whether this was said as comment on the indecisive nature of people or as one on how well people can change. Can it be a good moment where one’s confidence is shattered by “a tiny movement of the lips”?

Maybe. I don’t quite have the answer for that, but I do know that I debate with myself far too much — and I resolve to do far too many things as a result of these inner debates so that nothing ever gets actually decided. Unless the decision allows me to ignore said problems, that is.

So maybe it is this collection of a million unfulfilled promises that makes humans an interesting group?

And yet I think I enjoyed the thought that those promises would be broken.

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