‘Decline and Fall’, E. Waugh

Just to continue my deceptive method of mentioning the title of a book and then not commenting on the book but on an aspect of the book, I managed to remember the cover of Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Decline and Fall’ yesterday. Now, naturally, there are different editions of the very interesting work, but the one I read had an interesting thought written on a billboard above a house.

The billboard read:

Tonight is the night and all night and every night.

Now, it doesn’t make much sense… however, ever since I read it there I have been amazed. I tried looking into where and when that might have been, or what it meant, but all of my efforts came to naught.

However, I still like the phrase. And it comes to my mind every now and then. It is memorable.

And I have a picture taken of it as well although the rest of the cover of that book seems to have gone missing. Here you go:

Pilt037So, in effect, I was misquoting it earlier. Let’s try the correct version:

To-night is the night and every night & all night.

The spelling adds a bit to it– Even more amazing!

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