Review: Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie

Rating: 0 out of 5

I loathed this. Every new second I spent listening to one more bit of this story brought up so much that is wrong. How could this be a children’s book?..

In a short summary, we have a story where a young girl thinks that women should be empowered and meets a (magical flying) boy who says he thinks the same. Once that girl then follows the boy out into ‘his magical world’, the story revolves around the boy saving the girl from countless dangers and trying to trick her into staying longer with him. The story concludes by the girl ruining the wonderful life the boy and his group of followers had by wanting to go back into the real world… which manages to account for yet another time for the magical flying boy to save the rest of the team. And in this time, it is clear that the rules that he has asked the girl to draw up don’t apply to him because he is special…

Not to mention the wonderful female faerie sidekick who is both a) so jealous that she wants to kill the other main female character, and b) shamed and threatened into helping the magical flying faerie boy by threatening to “pull down the curtains” when she has woken up.

This is ridiculous. This book should not be considered suitable for children. It is an antiquated relic from a by-gone age that should not have existed.

Audible’s Christmas story last year was a pretty good horror story, but I think they really failed this time round.

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