‘The Broker’, J. Grisham

One of the first books I read this year was John Grisham’s ‘The Broker’. I obtained this book almost accidentally when I noticed Grisham’s novels in a second-hand stall on the market and I decided to try one of them out. ‘The Broker’ turned out to be the one I picked up from that range because I thought that the theme was interesting. And, it was.

It might not be the best book to start reading Grisham but then again that is a very dubious claim to make of any book in any case. The pacing and overall style of writing was something that I enjoyed, and I do believe that I’ll take a further look into Grisham as and when I can.

Overall, ‘The Broker’ brought Italy to me by placing the characters there and I very much liked that. The descriptions of places were detailed (Bologna) and the author looked as if he knew what he was writing about.

Maybe I am not entirely happy with the ending although I did end up rooting for the main character and not one of the intelligence agencies. With the story very much action driven, I am somewhat impressed by there being as much descriptions as there was dialogue (roughly, obviously) since some authors manage to go very far with one of these while ignoring the other.

But, yes, to conclude: I enjoyed the book and while it does not have a massive reread value, I would keep it in mind if I felt like “Italy” one day.

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