Short Overview of 2012 Readings

Well, why not?

It seems, by the Goodreads account that I read something along the lines of 27,000 pages in 88 books. Added to that would be all the articles in various papers and magazines; and the one interesting thing I realized about all the content therein is that the vast vast majority of that would have been in English. A very small amount of articles in Estonian, and no other language featured at all. I will be *trying* to change this in 2013, although I am not very certain how successful this will be. I guess I’ll see. =) [If you’re interested in what I’m thinking of trying, that would be something in French, probably ‘Delicacy’ by David Foenkinos that I really enjoyed in English.]

What books I really enjoyed from last year?

The ones I’ve ranked with 5 stars on Goodreads would be a very good guess, but when I went over the list there (well, eight titles, not exactly a list) I had almost forgotten about some of them so while they were good, they were not exactly memorable. However, say the same aforementioned ‘Delicacy’ and Ryotaro Shiba’s finally translated ‘Clouds above the Hill’ along with Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’ and ‘The Madman’ would be the main ones left in my memory.

I’m also quite looking forward to what new authors I’ll discover this year, and to see what wonderful books I might find.

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