‘Into the Black’, E. Currie

“It’s what we do.”

When speaking of science fiction, the usual names that come to my mind would be Clarke and Asimov. With some thought, I would add a few others. But, this book that I read expanded my science-fiction to this new writer (relatively new at least, with respect to the aforementioned two), Evan Currie. I was relatively surprised by the plot that he had come up with for ‘Into the Black’, and I am now quite eagerly looking forward to reading the sequel to that. So, yes, I gave that much away, there is a sequel.

Unfortunately, though Mr Currie has devised a good plot for this book, he has not gone so far to allow the forces of darkness (well, a bit exaggerated, but close enough) to win. That I guess will be left to someone else in the future. But, despite this (sad) shortcoming the book is very interesting. The plot did resemble, for an odd second, Stargate, but fortunately then steered well away (anyone who reads will probably recognize that one passage).

Added to this is a healthy dose of military maneuvering and combat, and this makes altogether for a very good and compelling book. So, if you like sci-fi, read it. You might just like it as well!

“On such flimsical flickers of the universe rested the fate of an entire world.”

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