Review: Jedi Trial, David Sherman

Rating: 1 + 1 / 5

It is only my fond memories of reading this nigh 15 years ago that grant it the second star. It should, perhaps, be a rule of books that one shouldn’t ever go back to the ones you remember liking when you were young (not younger, but young). Not only do tastes evolve but so does one’s appreciation of style, and it is clear that this book to which I returned after years has neither.

The one-dimensional characters and bland dialogue are saved in the smallest part by the setting of Praesitlyn. The planet looked interesting to me even now though it was a touch more desolate, a touch more dry, than necessary. The author had at least seemingly spent some time thinking about the environment though in the majority this seemed to be to facilitate some thrilling tangents on the wisdom of logistics.

Overall, I’m not impressed. To a degree, I wonder if I ever was… Memories change over time and perhaps only the figure of Nejaa Halcyon — who does not really crop up elsewhere — was what made me think it was worthwhile. Though, I will also readily admit that now I do expect more of my characters than the simple-minded simplicity that all of the participants here applied to their lives.

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