Review: Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card

Rating: 5 out of 5

I am not sure what I expected after ‘Ender’s Game’ which was a relatively fast paced novel. This one took a different tack and we ended up with a rather slow-paced mystery which I still thoroughly enjoyed throughout its intellectual considerations. There was a more depth in this book, and the “us and them” discussions were brilliant throughout. 

In a lot of ways, however, if the reader has come to expect a sequel similar to the first book, the reader will leave this book in disappointment. The eponymous character that the book features is no longer a young lad — and he has got a lot more power in every way possible. Nevertheless, quite a few children are still at the forefront of the happenings though not in quite the same way as in the past.

The author’s insistence that everyone has something of worth in themselves is also a very enjoyable one, and the speakings (of truth) that this book features are novel in their scope and touch. As a way to remember people, honesty is probably the best course as this book seems to suggest. That’s not to say, at the same time, that this change from a glorified story into a truthful one — with everyone’s differing understandings of the ongoings: their very own truths — would be an easy one. Yet, perhaps it is worth ascribing to.

The reader will not get another ‘Ender’s Game’. For some, that’s a blessing; for others, a curse. But the reader will get a good commentary on humans and more than one spark which could enliven a discussion — as such, I suggest you take this book up.

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