Review: The Court-Martial of the Renegat Renegades, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rating: 5 out of 5

Space JAG: what’s not to like? The characters come across well and I was, in the end, drawn into the overall universe of the Diving even if the other books don’t have space law. This one did, and that’s all I needed.

To take two steps back, nearly all of this is perfect. I found the characters engaging from the beginning, although the different approaches the defense and prosecution took made me unsure who was the so called good guy here. Not knowing the rest of Diving complicated this, and allowed me to make up my mind about this on its merits.

The actual court system and how this applies is explained sufficiently to recognize the differences that Ms Rusch took from the “standard” legal dramas. Also the important things which make this universe different– people’s age, for one, made into an especially interesting factor–were given enough of an exposure not to feel overwhelming.

In the end, I came away a fan. I’ll look into the rest of Diving, although I suspect that it just being a space drama won’t give me the same satisfaction as a legal drama in space. We’ll see!

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