Review: The Inimitable Jeeves, P.G. Wodehouse

Rating: 5 out of 5

From starting to read this book, I laughed almost constantly. The situations that Mr Wodehouse had construed are so ridiculous and yet so truthful, there really is no other way to react to Jeeves and Co.

Not only can we be certain that good old Bertie will get into trouble like never before (except the last time), in nearly every instance is it also guaranteed that the mind of Jeeves comes up with an ingenious plan to save the day. Ingenious as they are, it is also a pleasure to watch them play out, including when and where Bertie does not realise that it’s Jeeves pulling the strings, more often than not for his own innocuous ends.

Such as they are, the events as they come to pass also describe life in the 1920’s, making for a wonderful window into the times. Country life, gentlemanly sports, and troubles which shade the lives of the characters are so far beyond the problems most may expect to experience (especially today), they populate a world of their own – which Mr Wodehouse brings to the reader.

An excellent instalment which any fan of the author will enjoy. For anyone else, I’d still recommend a read because the light style will carry you along for a very pleasant journey.

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