Review: Hell is Empty, Craig Johnson

Rating: 2 out of 5

This is the Longmire book I’ve liked least thus far, though I may have rated others lower. I knew this story as soon as it started out because the book also served inspiration for one of the TV series episodes—and that episode was tough going. This book, therefore, all the more so then… though the author’s description of the Bighorns was pretty good.

What we get is a group of escaping-to-escaped convicts who are led by a particularly psychopathic fellow climbing into the Bighorns for no reason at all. And, our valiant-to-the-ends-of-stupidity-Sheriff-of-Absaroka, Walt Longmire, climbs through hell-on-earth up until the point of dying several times for no reason at all.

So, we get a story which could just as well not be because the bad guys have the worst plan to escape ever. Yet, Mr Johnson stretches this out into the most unnecessary macho showing ever seen in the Longmire world. Even the previous books were too unnecessary in the amount of beating that Walt would subject himself to instead of trusting his deputies to back him up; in this one, it is clear that Walt enjoys being punished because he doesn’t know what else to expect from life.

Overall, I was disappointed in this volume of the Longmire saga. Yet, I shall continue with the series…

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