Review: Archangel Rising, Evan Currie

Rating: 4 out of 5

I was able to finish this quite a bit quicker than the average period between two instalments in a series. This helped me remember more of the first book when reading this — something which definitely made me notice how much stronger on every count this volume was. The action is more thorough, the characters displayed more, and something happens on every front.

Both Weston and Michaels are back in action. Michaels’ pirate spats make a bit less sense here than before, or at least the most interesting part of privateering / mercenary work — the effort of understanding for whom they are working for what gain — is not covered at all. Weston meanwhile manages to annoy his opposite Imperial commander enough to make things interesting.

The main characters don’t really develop but one doesn’t expect that from this series. The characters who grow are Milla Chans and Odysseus who bit-by-bit understand more of the Terran world, but they have a very minor part to play overall (at least up to this point).

Overall, the increased space action in this made me look at the book more favourably than the first Archangel. Nevertheless, if you as a fan of Mr Currie have come this far, I think you’ll also keep going after this book!

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