Review: Blue Gold, Clive Cussler

Rating: 3 out of 5

A typical Cussler adventure, this. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected — although especially after the first of the NUMA Files, it looks as if the world becomes markedly better after the discoveries and achievements that Kurt’s team makes. Yet, there are no references to the first book in this one… And the achievements made in this book will probably not echo in the next one… Makes for easier adventures.

I am also a tad bit tired with the ultra-villains these books seem to require. Yet, these baddies make for excellent supercriminals who carry out their plots no matter what. There is no complexity in these characters though there is plenty of easy adventure and swashbuckling. Also, the way decades pass and mysterious events link together can be a slight overkill…

Yet, and this I should emphasize: one does not read Mr Cussler for the logic or great plots. This is adventure as adventure is meant to be: the brave and intrepid American saves the day and all is well again in the world.

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