Review: Secrets of the Ninja, Sean Michael Wilson

Rating: 4 out of 5

I liked it less than the other Mr Wilson graphic novels I’ve read. This is mostly as this book on ninjas was a guide foremost and anything else second, while the other books I’ve read in the graphic novel format have been philosophies foremost and and guides second. That is, however, not a fault of the author or the book — only my expectations.

It is also worth stopping on the difference between what one thinks of the ninja and what comes out of this book. For that, this is a very helpful guide and also, potentially, a lot more friendly an introduction than an Osprey book. Hence, I’d say that if you have some interest in the era or figures, this is a good one to pick up for light entertainment. That said, one shouldn’t expect this to be a tome of the highest complexity – it is simple, straightforward, and approachable, and there’s not even a demon to contend with!

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