Review: Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Rating: 3 out of 5

This is an… interesting… book. Most of other people seem to either love or hate it. I do not think I can go to either of those extremes — what I liked was the content though not all of it. What I disliked was how the author wrote of it.

The endless lists along the lines of “10 things you need to do on a Monday” and “21 things to be done before 7AM” were tedious and boring. Sure, lists can be good and useful, but not if they are overutilised. Similarly, the author was incredibly American in restating that “I wrote this book after…” Sure you did — I’m reading it. I don’t need to hear your story more than once and definitely not in every chapter.

That being said, some of the introspective question the author posed were quite interesting — and I plan to reflect on them in the future. I might even take the book up again, but I would have preferred it a lot more had it kept the content and lost the fluff.

Lastly, I won’t offer up a judgement on the “secret” he provides or the result of his 25 years of work. I think some of what Mr Hill say could be classed as common sense and yet incredibly easy to actually use in everyday life.

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