Review: Syracuse 415–413 BC, Nic Fields

Syracuse 415–413 BC: Destruction of the Athenian Imperial FleetSyracuse 415–413 BC: Destruction of the Athenian Imperial Fleet by Nic Fields
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I really enjoyed the narrative here though I wish that Osprey standardised their anglicisation of Hellenic names from title to title. This book, however, provided fresh perspective on an angle of the Peloponnesian War and was quite informative throughout with plentiful quotes and commentary from primary sources.

The illustrations were superb though I don’t think much of the majority of the photographs which were quite dark and maybe not the easiest to follow. Similarly, I wasn’t impressed that the provided maps did not illustrate the final fall in the Great Harbour in as much detail as they could have, given it was the (effective) ending of the Athenian power.

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