I was brought into watching ‘Castle’ by a good friend of mine who insisted that it was a show worthy of the time and effort invested. I was dubious. After all, what good can be a show that’s called ‘Castle’ if it doesn’t have any castles in it? That, at least, was my initial reaction.

The first episode of ‘Castle’ that I saw was the season 2 finale. An odd choice, I dare say, but I had very little control over the circumstances. However, I did enjoy that first look and soon afterwards took the series up from its beginning. By now, I’ve seen all five seasons as well as the latest finale that aired just in the beginning of this week. And, I’m here to say what I think of the show in general as well as of that finale.

I would like to start by saying that ‘Castle’ has treaded the fine line between humour and serious attitude quite well for a long period of time. The jokes — out of all categories of possible interest — were certainly a part of what kept me with the show. How often do people find main characters who are self-confessed comic book fans, or who can spar with lightsabers, or who can just want for a better story in their murder?

As an aside: I am afraid that if you look at the categorization of this post, you’ll see ‘Drama’. That is slightly wrong… ‘Castle’ is almost never as drama-like as it could be, preferring the lighter shades of life to the darker ones. I don’t fault the show that — I can’t fault a show for wanting to be happy and amicable after all, but I felt that this needed a mention.

But, is there something that I could find fault with in the show? Yes, there certainly are things. One of these objects is the persona of Richard Castle, the namesake of the show. Nathan Fillion makes for a very good actor and I enjoy his performances, but every now and then his character fails on me. Mr Castle does this by trying too hard, in a way — it’s not that I mind him being childish occasionally, after all, nearly everyone is. It’s rather that I find Richard Castle a bit too self-centred and unwilling to compromise. It’s his way or nothing at all. Or, at least, that’s how it has looked for the majority of the series, and while there may be good reasons for this, there’s also plenty of not-that-good in an attitude like that.

Stana Katic in Mr Fillion’s female counter-part role as Kate Beckett (and the real reason for the show) is a far more interesting character. There’s a lot going on in that brilliant mind of hers, and that is something I certainly appreciate. What I do wish, at times, is for her to be less stubborn and to know when to give up, but I guess that not everything can be done as I wish it to be. Overall, of the two lead characters, I certainly prefer Ms Beckett to Mr Castle.

[Of the minor characters, Detective Ryan is probably my favourite chap on the show. Seamus Dever brings the detective to life better than the others, in my opinion, and I have really enjoyed a more thorough look at the fellow that we’ve had in season five.]

One other thing ‘Castle’ does really well are these random scenes, with people walking out singing or entering in the middle of an important sentence. One of these from the mid-third season was really memorable for me, by virtue of introducing me to a very pleasant song. Here it is, just so the cast can sing it once more for us fans…


But now, on to my thoughts on the ending of season five. I enjoyed the last episode, and I am looking forward to the sixth season. In a way, this was the only possibility for keeping the show going, but the episode served well to reinforce my doubts on ‘Castle and Beckett’. I’d like for her to go for what she wants, just because I don’t think he can open himself up — which has been a topic throughout the last season but not really explored in anything except Kate’s thoughts. It is very easy for Castle in every situation to make it about himself, but life’s not like that. And it could be that he has realized that.

It does seem that we need to wait for a few months to see how real this impression is, but hopefully things will be on a more interesting level in season six.

EDIT: With regards to the topmost comment below, I’ve changed the post above to reflect to the characters and not the actors as is proper. Thanks!

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  1. I guess you mean that you prefer Beckett to Castle, not Katic to Fillion. Because what you just described concerns not actors, but characters they are playing, according to scripts. Sorry about that, but mixing up actors and characters is my pet peeve and I just can never let it pass.

    1. Yes, you are very correct there. I’ll make the necessary edits. Thanks for pointing out something as obvious as it should have been. 🙂

  2. I told you that you would like the Tomorrow Series… you resisted then read them and liked them. I told you that you would like Castle… you resisted and then watched it and liked it. Really, you should just listen to me in the first place 😛

    I’m going to both agree and disagree with you on the topic of Castle being self centered. The reason for this is because although he seems immature and prone to making things about himself at the same time he has a remarkable way of opening up when others need help, and I think that is something that the series has expanded on a bit. Sometimes I think the immaturity of his character is a cover because although he is this world famous novelist and such, he really is a softie at heart.

    On the topic of the minor characters, Detective Ryan is also my favourite. I was actually really shocked by some of the background stuff we learned in the episode with the mob this season. It was fantastic to see such a focus on his character as well.

    And as for the final, I think that it did definitely show that part of maybe why Beckett and Castle shouldn’t be together but it also bought up things they had been avoiding such as where they are going. I will be really interested to see where they go in season six.

    Also another thing I have liked seeing this season is the change in the relationship between Castle and Alexis now that she is at college and living in a dorm instead of at home.

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