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It’s a pity how quickly people are apt to disregard sci-fi just because it is sci-fi. That is both disrespectful towards the shows (or books or short stories etc etc) as well as to the people who do so. In any case, the only thing they achieve is locking out a massive genre with potentials that reach beyond the stars.

One of the better sci-fi shows I’ve ever come across is from the Stargate franchise, namely Stargate SG-1 which lasted for near to 10 seasons. Therefore, I recently took it up (somewhat due to the influence of a good friend) to rewatch the entire show, and having now done that, I can say that I am not disappointed. I believe that it was one of the episodes that I saw which made me post my recent entry “Input and Output”. That being done, I am confident that at some point in the future, I will address some notable writers I’ve come across as well as other sci-fi shows and whatnot; however, this post reflects a few of my key thoughts on SG-1.

Firstly, the episodes I found most notable from the ten seasons (nine in total):

The episode number in each of those lines links to a description of the episode (hopefully). Also, while I’m sure that I’d describe all of them differently than what is said in those SG-Wiki articles, I still found it somewhat interesting to go over some of them.

For some reason, ‘Abyss’ seems to have remained in my mind the most while before watching them (again) I had the feeling that ‘The Fifth Race’ and ‘Crystal Skull’ were the best. I’m not sure of the relevance of this, but it does show a changed perspective, a different point of view. ‘Abyss’ is much more of a spiritual episode than either of the two — they are ones where powerful and mystic (then mystic) alien cultures are met, in rather interesting circumstances, and with the aura of awe present.

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