‘So Right’

A friend showed me this song by the Dave Matthews Band (DMB), and I’d have you listen to it first. By ‘first’ I mean before I say anything else about it.


Now, to begin with I’ll say that I did not like it that much the first time I heard the song. However, since I’ve not liked any songs recently after the first try I went for another one — and it somehow took hold of my mind and did not let go. It is just so… well compiled, I guess.

A random thought: What’s the greatest possible praise for a song? [And this brought that short story of A.C. Clarke to my mind where they try to find the perfect melody.]

In any case, I decided to give DMB a try after listening to this, and I think it was worth it. But coming back to the song: It has an interesting vibe to it. The video looks so very American — it is quite difficult to use any other adjective to describe it. But it’s not the video that caught me. It must be the words.

For, indeed,

…tonight my dance is all about you

Although it could be that the American-ness I sense in this video can also be described as ‘lightness’: not being that concerned, and having a better thought for the future… even though future might have every reason to make you concerned, why care about that?

Lastly that moment two-thirds through when everything stops for a moment — I want the song to continue then, and this even applied the first time I listened when I didn’t much appreciate the song in general. Now, that thought, ‘continue!’ — it is almost a prayer.

And tonight my dance is all about you

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