‘A Voice in the Dark’

This song, being one of the few that Blind Guardian has bothered to turn into a video, seemed fitting to sum up some of the artistic talent gone into it. Make no mistake, however, the video for ‘War of Thrones’ would in my opinion be quite a bit more entertaining though they have done well for this one as well.

For anyone who does not comprehend it (for either lack of hints, or background) then this song is well related to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book-saga. I am confident that in the near days I will mention him again due to the fifth book that I am currently reading; right now, however, I am more interested in this song. Not as broad as the other ASOAIF track from that album, ‘A Voice in the Dark’ is related to the character Brandon Stark, but it would seem as if these lyrics are wise enough to tell something to us all.

In vain
Still I don’t understand
So talk to me again
Why do I fear these words?
What keeps holding me back?

Not necessarily these lines but the story of the boy (I hope that I will not spoil anyone’s existence, as long as you’ve read a few of the first chapters of the book or seen the first episode nothing that comes after should be a surprise) who fell is surely something that most people can relate to — being good (or rather, thinking that we are good) at something and then we are surprised, we fall, we withdraw into our shell.

Letting go of the things which have held us back should be a foremost goal; overcoming them a sign of strength and of the wish to become a better person. Turn outwards instead of inwards, and remember that mind is the only thing which matters in the end: “Too much mind. No mind.”

Free your mind

Learn to roam
Don’t look back”

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