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I found a very interesting site relating to a collection of information on J.R.R. Tolkien’s works. This site can be found here, and I would suggest anyone who takes a liking to the writer’s books to take a look over there.

To sum up a number of features on that site, there is a timeline that works alongside a map of the events starting with the beginning of the world and going as far into the Fourth Age as we can. We also have a genealogy of a number of the different races which is interesting to look at. Plus, there are humorous posts on the blog — an example of which you can see below. Can you guess what Gandalf’s Venn diagram looks like? =)

There is also a statistical analysis of the books of Mr Tolkien. This is interesting to me mainly for the creative ‘sentiment analysis’. I’ve heard of this technique before although I don’t think I’ve seen mention of it being applied to books in the past. Let’s just say that the next time I will read ‘The Hobbit’, I will try to look out to see in what light anything is portrayed.

There are a number of other interesting graphs that amused and surprised me, and there will hopefully be more things coming up in the future, so that I will certainly try to keep an eye on this site.

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Boromir’s View of Middle-Earth: A Venn Diagram, by Emil Johansson

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