‘The Heart of Matter’, E. Currie

“She thought it was the east, actually, but now she thought of it, she wasn’t sure that the sun rose in the east here. Or does it automatically become the east if the sun rises there?”

Being very enthused by ‘Into the Black’ just a few days ago, I jumped at the opportunity of getting the sequel today when it came out for my precious Kindle. Bought and read, would be the short conclusion. And, I liked it. And I think I understand why I like Evan Currie’s writings as much as I have recently.

The reason for that comes from the simple fact that he manages to make the most of anything he says. The action scenes are well portrayed, and approached at from many different angles, making for a very wide look at the problems and situations. Plus, he manages to add a wonderful amount of humour into deadly situations — indeed, I spent most of the time while reading in (quiet) laughter.

The situation in the book has progressed from what it was before when the Earth (well, North American Confederation) space-cruiser made contact with the Colonial civilization, and we’re back in action. New contact is made with the wonderful Drasin. And, yes, the Drasin are wonderful. I would say that in many a way, their characterisation helps this book along as we get a point of view that the in-universe humans lack.

So, we get a very nice sequel that could be said to surpass the previous installment of the series.

“Survival versus personal satisfaction — it was a terrible choice to have to make.”

EDIT: 15-05-2013, changed the title to refer to the actual book by Evan Currie, ‘The Heart of Matter’.

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