The Mull of Galloway

The Mull of Galloway is Scotland’s most southerly point which I have visited by now twice. It has also been featured on ‘Coast’ which is an amazing series that I’d recommend to everyone. But, the sight which is featured is similarly awesome.

‘Coast’ is there because of the fog horn – a historic means of warning on misty coastlines to keep people from a potential danger. The Celtic Sea, after all, in its time claimed many a victim, and the RNLI was also founded on the same coasts.

I was there for both — checking out the southernmost point of Scotland as well as seeing the fog horn.

The confluence of currents

One of the more memorable places there are the two platforms overlooking the sea, both of which illustrate the ferocity with which the two primary currents meet. It is all very poetic.

The sunset I saw in February underlined all that even more:

The lighthouse on the Mull of Galloway

A Use of Facebook — What is in Your Mind?

While Facebook certainly has its advantages, consuming time for no real gain is one of the general disadvantages. However, it does work to keep one posted with news (assuming people other than me are as foolish to add ten-twenty newspapers to their news feed so that anything is broadcast at least twice) and with interesting things friends do. Friends, as in FB friends, which does not necessarily need to equal that on any other level. But that is irrelevant here and now.

What I actually wanted to display was an interesting thought I saw. Namely, the following status a friend of mine posted:

“You really love him/her, don’t you?”
A psychological question, no name was mentioned but still, someone came into your mind.

What did your mind do?

Moons and Ships

Of all that there is out there, I guess that the sea brings to my mind the most trivial (and yet the most important) questions.

I managed to spend a good few hours on the bridge today, and most of it was spent looking out at the sea while it was getting darker. It is certainly a most impressive sight, and it was made better today by the relatively cloudless sky.

The sight itself? The moon’s rising light reflecting on the clouds above nightfall.

It was quite amazing indeed.

And the interesting thoughts? How many ships have passed by any of these places we are at in the entire history of the world? And how many places here have never been sailed upon? [Would the water feel any different…]

All cats are grey at night…

All cats are grey at night, is, apparently, how an old saying goes.

My response: Not the lions, not the lions. The eyes glisten with an unearthly glow of purpose, and the fur reflects the brilliant starlight. The lions know their place.

The Celts

EDIT: Oh horrors, seems that the embedding of the first video has been prohibited. I will leave it here for a direct link to the video though. 

EDIT 2: I decided to add a video of less quality for the first video so there’s no going to other sites needed except as an option. 

[youtube =]

[youtube =]

This song has seemed to make itself a companion of good thoughts for me. The rhythm and the touch of the music, all of it put together, it fits well. I had not seen the video before I thought to search for it on YouTube for this post, but having looked at it I can see that it adds to the pictures created in my mind. Not perhaps as it could, but still well enough. Some of the scenes reminded (or rather, made me think) of ‘Storms in Africa’. I wonder if that has a video (an easy search, to be true, reveals that it… does indeed. Namely just down below:)

[youtube =]

The ‘Storms in Africa’ was one of the first songs/thoughts that I saw actually conveyed the  feeling of the possibility of a storm (natural, that is) in Africa. Few other things have done it as well, I would say. These two Enya songs have to be my favourites from the last period of listening to her music (along with other calmer artists).

Otherwise, did I want to say anything? Might be I’ve done it already… two songs after all say much and more, especially when such thoughtful ones as the two here are posted.

‘The Celts’ makes for better thoughts though; I will listen to it again.

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