Review: City of Ruins, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Rating: 5 out of 5

This title connected the part of the Diving universe I first became acquainted with with the first novel in the series. I had been very confused due to the entire setting being different, but it makes more sense now—and it looks like it’s a question of time.

Because of the nature of science fiction, authors love to play with time travel and in general I don’t really like this, but how Ms Rusch had approached the topic thus far is pretty good. Now I’m keen to figure out whether Coop’s ship manages to get back and, if so, how this is explained, but it looks like there are no easy answers—thankfully!

The characters are good, especially Boss and Coop themselves, and the plot was also enjoyable. I did feel the action sequences towards the end were unnecessary and not too well explained (other than by the lack of “action” elsewhere), i.e., they could have been avoidable.

I’m happy and will continue with the next one!

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