Review: Destiny’s Conflict, Janny Wurts

Rating: 5 out of 5

I was very deeply moved by this book. At times, it’s cruel and harsh and I wonder where the exceptionally talented author, Ms Wurts, found the strength to write in such a way. But, overall, the series has come more than a full circle, and I can only applaud this new turn around.

Where are we? The True Sect has almost been victorious and the same events carry on here. Nearly every page of the book could be the last for Arithon and though the reader suspects that nothing will happen to one of the protagonists, it’s still always a possibility that something isn’t quite like what the reader thinks, especially when keeping in mind the promised longevity of the readers.

One might wonder how the author’s new turn around was achieved. I’ve commended this author in the past for turning absolutely likeable characters into antagonists as well as for the opposite – and this is what takes place here, with Lysaer slowly becoming more appreciable again. But I also had a good chance to contrast the free will arguments that Arithon puts forward so eloquently – the very same principles that the sorcerers also follow in their actions on Athera.

In this respect, it’s very clear how very un-Atheran which is to not say “evil” the Koriathain are. Even the moment of redemption, when it seems as if all past choices could be undone is only another jumping board for more hatred and more warfare. I do wonder though if this may also mean that they have been playing an even larger part (regarding the True Sect) in all of this then the reader knows thus far.

Despite what I said above, I really enjoyed the book—it is a masterpiece even if it is difficult to read at times. I want to continue with the series and this book restored my belief in the series that had been lost with the previous book.

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