Review: Siege, Michael Wolff

Rating: 3 out of 5

The Trump series continues. Where do we end up? Past the mid-terms and the end of the Mueller investigation, and yet with nothing more than a portrait of a man where every day would send those with a conscience into full-blown retreat. The contrast is even starker for me as I’m reading Ms Wurts’ Wars of Light and Shadow where both the protagonist and the antagonist are willing to die for a single slight on their reputation. What a contrast indeed…

What I wonder about most is how Mr Wulff’s extended coverage worked here given him having already published ‘Fire and Fury’. Would people not have fed him absolute garbage for how previous publications? I would have considered it very likely that both people who came out more or less well as well as those whose (still surviving?) reputations were destroyed by the previous book would both try to one-up the author of the first volume. Therefore, it’s more difficult for me to take everything portrayed here as truthfully as the first book.

What do we learn? The reveal continues that no matter how bad one could have thought President Trump and his cronies, their real nature was much much worse. From the absence of even the least loyalty to their own voters to not caring about their own policy (victories or defeats?)… And everything that one says or does governed by the question of whether it will serve to be the headline in the next news cycle.

I’m going to go for the third book as well, but these need a good amount of fortitude before opening…

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