Review: Holy Ground, Evan Currie

Rating: 2 out of 5

I’m a fan of Mr Currie’s Odyssey universe. Yet, it looks as if with every new instalment the story is spread out across a longer time—and the book itself released in a bigger rush, poorly edited. The numerous errors in this book prevented me from really enjoying it, and these are its major pitfall.

Also, the strongly macho tone of combat that prevails throughout Mr Currie’s works is slowly getting old. I didn’t mind it to begin with—and in many instances this is cleverly offset—but this title comes across especially strong with the ‘hallowed ground’ story. This could have gone much deeper into the why and the how of events. Weston’s story was slightly different to the main series, mostly by dint of him being outside the military, looking in while tinkering on his project.

The other characters—uninspiredly named Liam Liam and Kiran Jiang—weren’t much to root for either. Liam did accomplish some things, but the person doing this could have literally been anyone else. Kiran’s importance was always stressed but never elaborated upon. Neither of these two grew on me during the course of the story.

Yet, I suspect I will return to this series if and when the author carries on, mostly because I’d like to know how it will be drawn to a close—if it will. However, that doesn’t mean I’d call anyone to join me on that journey.

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