Burg Engern

Burg Engern, or Angerja, was a relatively minor fortified manor house, standing a small distance outside of Tallinn to the south. Construction was started in the early 15th century; the structure was finished between 1451 and 1455, when the castle was enfeoffed to a vassal family of the Livonian Order. As an overview of the castle reads, though some outlying fortification were constructed the overall appearance and setting is far more that of a manor house than of a castle.

My own view of Engern was from far away. A short cycle there, and one can glance upon the still-standing main house—from a very minor road which only leads to someone’s home. This main house was previously surrounded by an embankment of which little survives (by the book I read). I didn’t approach too close as there were signs of “private property” by the area, and I did not feel like investigating whether these also apply for the ruins.

The main hall is visible in the centre; on the left is the road leading to the definitely-private house. I did not get much of a feel for the place, and as it stands I’m reluctant to suggest visitors should go there for a look. I might head back myself, however, if I manage to figure out exactly what’s going on with the property, and if I do so I’ll write about Engern once more.

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