Review: Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss

Rating: 5 out of 5

I find it difficult sometimes to review the books I consider very highly. This specific book was recommended to me a while back but I only got around to it recently—it is quite likely had I done so before, I would have been able to put these skills into use. That said, knowing myself, I would probably need a few more reads of this book to actually do start implementing these ideas.

I found both Mr Voss’s previous experience as well as his modern stories how he used his negotiation skills thrilling. Not only did he tie in the practical skills with how they were used in real life, he also managed to bring in a few examples; in one of which he was hamstrung by other people up until his son told him he was being played.

There’s less I can say regarding the negotiation strategies themselves. Everything the author says makes sense—yet, I am a great fan of the principle that all philosophies need to be worked out for oneself. It is possible, if not likely, that someone reading this realizes that even though Mr Voss’s strategies would work for most people, a different approach would be necessary for themselves. At the same time, it could be that with enough practice everyone could be as skilled as Mr Voss, though he also has an innate skill which others might not.

In the end, I recommend people read this. That should be especially true if you don’t like the idea of negotiations—perhaps you’ll change your mind?

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