Review: TED Talks, Chris Anderson

Rating: 4 out of 5

Very good and compelling advice for public speaking! Plenty here to enjoy also if one doesn’t have plans for immediate public speaking as the ways in which ideas should come across are described in detail.

This is done mostly through describing poor methods of conveying ideas as well as the form of the presentation which can lead to poor results — these examples were quite interesting from a TED point of view but could be easily extrapolated to other public non-TED speakers. This means that if one had an idea that “X is a poor speaker but I can’t put my finger on it” then this could be expanded into “X could be a better speaker if they did Y”.

The most important part of this could be considered to be the way that ideas are meant to be presented. In many cases, these do not actually need to be for TED / ‘public speaking’ in as much as any type of presenting at all. It was also quite fun to see what methods different people used and what they considered right — which in many cases was a combination of “this and that” if there are indeed two schools of thought for a question (say how much of a speech should be memorised).

Along with this, the book brings great examples of how to do things well. I listened to quite a few interesting TED speeches based on this, though I do not think that this was Mr Anderson’s attempt at marketing. His is a joy of speaking well and encouraging others to do so.

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